Gay and Saved
Welcome to the NEW Gay and Saved web site!
This web site documents my ongoing journey to discover who I am, why I was made, and where I will be going when I die. I invite you to explore it, ponder it, think about it, and see if there is anything here that you can relate to, or that may apply to your present life. This site is new in the sense that it has been revised a number of times as a result of review, prayer, and input from those who have visited it. It underwent a huge update and rewrite in June, 2013 and I think it is better than ever.

NEW TOPIC! The demise of Exodus International!

Gay and Saved Table of Contents


Part 1: My Story and How I Got Here
TOPIC: Gay and Mad
Part 2: Continuing the Journey

TOPIC: Gay and Lonely
Part 3: Living As A Homosexual Today

TOPIC: Gay and Conformed
Part 4: What About You?

TOPIC: Gay and Bitter
NEW TOPIC: The Demise of Exodus International: What does it mean?        
I want to know what love is (homosexuality and suicide)

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