Gay and Saved
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So what does this mean for any homosexual on a daily practical basis? That is difficult to answer in general because everyone's situation is going to be different. If a guy decides to give his life to Jesus Christ and live for Him, he may live a life that is more subdued and more mellow than a person who puts himself above Christ and does not care to be, as Paul used to say, a bond-servant of Jesus Christ. Both guys may still be homosexual, but how they live their lives will reflect their spiritual commitment and where their priorities lie. That is because a person who, while still being a homosexual, chooses to give his life to Jesus may have to settle for the fact that the reward waiting for him in heaven will be huge even though the reward in this life may not seem that great, and in fact may involve persecution and rejection by many people, including homosexuals and heterosexuals alike.

When I get discouraged from time to time because my life is not what I want it to be because I must suppress my rebellion against God, I have to remember that there is a huge reward awaiting me when I pass from this life into the next. That is because I daily attempt to bring glory to God to the greatest extent that I can. God does not expect perfection in any human, but He does want us to sincerely discipline ourselves, to seek His will for our lives, and to suppress the rebellious nature that is part of our sin nature. It is a sad commentary but true that part of the deck of cards that we inherited from our parents includes, unfortunately, the sin nature and rebellious attitude that afflicts us all.

So yes, I am still homosexual at the moment, God has not removed that from my life at this time. No, I have not been "cured," but I am now okay with that. After all, I don't really have much choice in that. But in spite of my homosexuality, I have chosen, and will continue to choose as God gives me the strength, to glorify Him every day by being as Christlike as possible, and using Him as my role model of how to live. He was perfect, I am not, but He did come down to earth to teach us in person how we should live in order to have an eternal place with Him when we die. I do believe that overcoming the daily challenges to my faith brings a lot of glory to God. And make no mistake, the challenges to any homosexual who wants to live a Christlike life are many and difficult.

As one who is still dealing with the "card deck" that includes homosexuality, I have a huge amount of love and empathy for my gay brothers and sisters who have the “card of homosexuality” in the deck of cards they now have before them. I can actually say that I face my homosexuality every day in my life and understand the pain and frustration caused by being homosexual, especially when I want to give glory to God alone.

If you are a homosexual who has come across this web site, I want you to know that it is not my intention to put you into a major guilt trip concerning your homosexuality. However, I feel that I must lovingly and honestly share what I have learned about Jesus Christ. And that information has changed my life through the power and love I have received from Jesus Christ since I first embraced Him. Salvation through Jesus Christ is not something that one receives or obtains and then just hides it under their bed of no value to anyone else. Instead when one comes to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and understands that their first and foremost goal in life is to bring glory to God and worship their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ every moment of every day, there is no choice but for them to share that information with everyone. That is in fact commanded by Christ of His followers. But that sharing has to be done lovingly and carefully, and not belligerently and self-righteously as the hypocrites do.

You may be a homosexual who is happy with your lifestyle and do not wish to change it. That is a choice that you must make and you will live that life as you deem proper for yourself. That is both the beauty and the terror of having this weird thing called free will. At some point you may come to realize that a life apart from Christ is in reality, an empty life. At least in my case it was, though it took me time to fully realize and understand that.

I will never cease to love you, my homosexual brothers and sisters even if you choose to not accept the free gift of eternal life offered by Jesus Christ. That is because just as God loves every one of you unconditionally, I am commanded by God to do likewise. But just because you love someone unconditionally does not mean that you do not look out for their welfare or warn them of things that they may stumble across that could be detrimental to their life or their health. But unlike heterosexuals I have a huge amount of empathy and deeper understanding and love for my fellow homosexuals.

I must say a word about straight guys who love to preach “doom and gloom” to everyone who is homosexual. Their message is more often than not without a hint of even the tiniest part of love or caring. Like many homosexuals, I understand what it is like to be preached down to, that one will burn in hell for eternity because they are homosexual; in my teenage years, every time I heard that message, that actually pushed me farther from the cross of Christ, rather than closer to it. How sad. Which is why I want this web site to be materially different from most of the web sites that are so common and painful, run by Pharisees who think they are above sin, and may themselves find when they die that their name has been omitted from the “Book of Life” because of their hatred, self-righteousness and lack of Christlike love.

I am a still a homosexual, but one who has decided to live a life for Christ. I can do that by facing head on the hand of cards that I have been dealt and glorifying God by resisting the temptation to fall into sin, which for me would be to embrace the homosexual lifestyle. And make no mistake there was a time in my life where I very much embraced the homosexual lifestyle and planned to live that lifestyle until I died. So unlike other web sites that may preach to you from the cozy safety of heterosexuality, I am sharing my personal testimony of how God has reached out to me and pulled my soul from the depths of Hell while I was and still am homosexual. I am also learning how He wants me to reach out to other homosexuals with the saving knowledge of who Jesus Christ is, and what He did to ensure that anyone could have eternal life in Heaven. I am compelled to share that message with other homosexuals.

Bless you if you have read this far. Because that means you are really looking for answers. Looking for ideas on how to live. Maybe looking to give your life meaning and value and purpose. My prayer is that you who visit this website will in some way look inside yourself to ask if you are living a life that is bringing glory to God which is the reason that you were created. Perhaps this website will get you to think about your life and whether or not you want to face that same God at the end of your life that you have failed to glorify during your life.

The joy of knowing where one will spend eternity after one dies is a joy that is subtle but persistent. For the first time in my entire life I have no doubt where I will spend eternity and death absolutely has no grip or threat over me. If you wish to have that level of assurance of where you will spend eternity I invite you to explore other areas of this web site that may bring some wisdom or insight into your life, or at the very least, get you to thinking about some things. Look at some of the topics in the INDEX that have allowed me to expand on items that I think might be relevant to one who has been dealt the hand of cards that includes the card of homosexuality.

I invite you to look at the other segments of this web site, and hope that you will keep an open mind to the leading of the Holy Spirit as you look at your own situation and how it is that you should live. There can absolutely be no better way to live than knowing why you were created, and for what purpose God gave you life. My hope and prayer is that you will have that revealed to you by the gentle and loving persuasion of the Holy Spirit, motivated by the love of God for you and the redemption of Christ for your sins. As long as you are alive, it is never too late to clear the slate and begin anew in the fellowship, power and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. It is not an easy journey, but one that will be worthwhile, not only for today and tomorrow, but millions of years into the future.

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